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July 19, 2012

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Are you looking forward to choose a platform for your new domain? CMS varies in terms of SEO performance and capability. Technically speaking, CMS is pretty harder to use and it also provides good SEO capability. Success in SEO depends on the domain requirement, industry competition, and the CMS you choose. What is the best CMS for SEO? Here are the best CMS’s that suits the traditional blogs and websites.

Fundamental CMS SEO criteria comprises of

• Custom Meta tags and title tags on all web pages.
• Extension URLs for the specific keyword.
• Adding custom HTML tags
• Alt tags and image handling
• No follow controls

Let’s discuss about few popular options for SEO-friendly CMS.


best cms for seo

WordPress doesn’t have more number of SEO-friendly features. The tool is rated high due to its free plug-ins. The plug-ins turn simple WordPress website into a SEO machine.


best cms for seo

The new version from Joomlas is SEO capable and it is incomparable with the previous versions. Other improvements in the latest version include custom Meta titles and SEO friendly URLs for all sections and pages.


best cms for seo

Drupal is very much similar to WordPress and it is pretty simple to use. Similar to WordPress, Drupal depends on the plugins that makes the website more SEO-friendly.


best cms for seo

MODX will allow you to control the output completely without any effort. In MODX, you can work with HTML and other custom variables that are required for your website.

It takes very less time to build a site that performs really well in the search engines. Site builders are allowed to change the content and control the site at anytime.

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