New tool from Google to speed up website

December 20, 2011

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Google has released a tool recently called Page Speed Online; it was the project from Google Labs and is used to test the website for correcting the speed flaws and other tips to speed up the website.

The specific tool was moderately straight forward. You need to enter the website and the search engine will provide list of steps to speed up your website. The steps suggested below are listed in the priority basis to make your life easier.

High priority

The high priority suggestions suggest the potential performance for the less development efforts. You need to address the hi-priority items first.


Medium priority

Medium priority suggestions represent more work to be implemented and you need to address them next.

Low priority

Low priority suggestions stand for smallest wins. You can give less importance and can be handled after taking care of higher-priority ones.

We have already used many speed test tools and this Google speed test has one special feature that others don’t have, you can also test the performance of the mobile website.

These are the steps that to be taken to speed up your mobile version of your site. With the load speed that is important for SEO, this particular tool is pretty helpful to test the website.

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